Five Question Interviews

Giving back. That’s sometimes hard for folks to do, including myself. Introverted by nature, it’s made me feel selfish at times even though I know that I’m not. So I wondered how I could give back to the writing community. I don’t have anything published. Or stories for free. I’m not an acclaimed editor, proofreader or query guardian. So what can I do? Of course! Help give exposure to fellow writers, editors, etc. who are going through the same things I am (give or take, of course!).

And that, my friends, is how The Five Question Interview series was born. All the interviews are linked below by year. Take the time to read through these great interviews from authors and editors and agents alike! Who knows – maybe you’ll find some new folks to love.

KM Weiland
Jeni Chapelle
Kyle V Hiller
and more!

John Taylor
Paulette Kennedy
Jessica Lewis
and more!

Tessa Harris
Ayana Gray
and on and on…