An Interview With Dr. Jason Carson

Dr. Jason Carson: Dr. Jason Carson  is a renowned clinical psychologist from Columbus, OH. Besides murdering people, he runs his own mental health facility (The Hands Off Clinic), as well as gives tours and lectures regarding his critically acclaimed book, Separating You: A Self-Help Book for the Lost, Lonely, and Psychotically Obsessed.

It’s Sunday. Do you know what that means? It’s interview day! Let’s read, learn and connect with this year’s fantastic bunch of writers, editors and agents. Next up: John Shupeck interviews as his character, Dr. Jason Carson

Disclaimer: This blog does not condone the murder of real people, though it makes for an interesting plot line in a thriller or true crime novel! (But do please remember this interview is based on character and satire).

His Advice for Other Writers

*Advice to other authors: Pursue your dreams to the utmost, yadda, yadda. Just buy my book; I’ll find you if you don’t.”

Do you see any purpose in shows like Forensic Files, Law and Order, CSI and so on? Do they give you any new insights?
Oh yes. “Realistic” shows like this give the viewers a false sense of comfort in regards to the process of identifying serial killers and other various predators. The truth is, most of us go along our merry way, leaving a trail of bodies along the cold, desolate highways that won’t be discovered for weeks, months, or even years.

To this date, I have left *one* fingerprint at the scene of a crime, and, after harshly punishing myself for making such a mistake, I haven’t had a slip up since. Just think of that…if I came for you right now–the reader–you wouldn’t even have any clue what to be waiting for until it hits you. Isn’t that comforting? Me standing beside you in a bathroom stall, just waiting for the right moment…

You’re clearly living an unconventional life, one you choose to share openly. Why
Leigh, first and foremost I believe in happiness and personal joy. People can marry whomever they want; little girls get pet kittens to dress up in cute clothes; Anton Levay created the Church of Satan to show undying rebellion against the hypocritical Catholic church. Love is love, correct? So because murder is unnacceptable by society at large, I am therefore supposed to deny myself the only thing that makes me feel happy and fulfilled?

 “Do whatever makes you happy, as long as it doesn’t hurt others.”

No. I refuse to accept that, and I will not hide who I truly am just because I was born into a world of rules that I never agreed to. Which is better: placating society, or being true to yourself? I self-identify as a serial killer, and unless society can accept me for who I truly am just like they do everyone else, I have no choice but to turn society into my personal hunting ground. (Again, I’m talking to all of you when I say this.)

How did you turn out this way? Who wronged you in a past life?
Oh, Leigh, your questions about who and what I am have such negative connotations behind them. Of course I have painful memories from the past just like anyone else. The long, suffocating nights in my grandfather’s tent at the family camp site, the raccoon in the old shed (my Baby) that eventually decayed away into nothing…

But these things aren’t what made me who I am. In fact, it is the *good* memories that turned Dr. Jason Carson into the man he is today; a little girl almost choking me to death on the playground, my brother Sam’s shrieks of pain when Mom and Dad would go out for a date night, the mice in my treehouse…the hammer. Without these things, the Cheesebringer would have never come into existence. I learned how to feed the mice, and then the mice learned how to feed me. They still do, in fact. The mice; you. You *are* the mice now, destined to be fed and then devoured by the Cheesebringer, just like swine in a pen. 

Don’t people see you as a serial killer or accessory to murder rather than someone who can help them solve their problems?
This is where things get complicated. You see me as only a serial killer, but in fact I am a wide variety of things. Accomplished author, clinical psychologist, amateur surgeon, lover of fine wines. People (and I mean you, Leigh) have this problem with being unable to separate the man from his actions. You must remember that no matter what, the word that describes me most is predator. Now, being a predator is not necessarily a bad thing. Lions, for instance. If lions were not predators, how would they get their meat to feed their little cubs?

In that sense, the predatory instincts of the lion would be considered a very good thing; not a consequence of evolution, but in fact direct proof of it. In the same sense, I am a predator in everything I do, whether it be grocery shopping for some cucumbers, ice skating, finding the tallest weeds to drop someone off in so I can safely visit them again a few weeks later, or writing a self-help book. I have been successful at everything I do because I have the predator’s instinct.

In Separating You: A Self-Help Book for the Lost, Lonely, and Psychotically Obsessed, you can guarantee I will save you, only because I am so adept in knowing how to destroy you. I can rip you apart piece by piece and put you back together like nothing ever happened, but what’s the point in that? You’ll still be the same gumpy loser you were before the process started. No, if you really want to be better, we need to take this disgusting clump of clay and mold it into something that doesn’t even resemble the original you at all.  That’s my job, to pull you apart and put the pieces back together in a way that makes you worthwhile to me. I guarantee I can do that; in fact, I have a 100% success rate.  

Finally, what would you like to say to all those investigators trying to track you down?

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