An Interview with Christie Lee-Louis

Welcome to The Five Question Interview series on! I decided it was time to pay it forward but didn’t know how. I don’t have any free books to give away. Nor do I have editing skills someone would covet.

So The Five Question Interview was born! Its mission: to give back to the writing community one interview at a time. Without further adieu, let’s learn a little bit about
Christie Lee-Louis.

Keep writing, no matter what. If you want to be a writer, and that’s something you’re passionate about, keep at it. There are going to be tough days, but push through them. The rewards at the end of it all are so worth it.

And Now The Interview

What’s your favorite section in the library? Your favorite genres?

Fiction, with my favorite genres being mainly horror and fantasy

When did you start writing?

I’ve always been a lover of writing, ever since I was in high school. But I only started pursuing the journey of becoming an author about three years ago.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee for me but I do enjoy a cup of tea now and then.

What was the inspiration for your current WIP (work in progress)?

An image found on Pinterest, actually. I saw this wonderful image of a steampunk woman with a hyena at her side and that just triggered the creativity to flow so I am currently doing research for my next short story.

Who is your biggest cheerleader?

I have a couple of cheerleaders in my life. But the biggest cheerleaders are probably my husband, and two of my closest friends, Marizaan and Roxy.

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