Hallmark Channel’s Favorite Character Names

A weekend binge session gave me an idea. On the way home from work today a crazy idea for a blog post popped into my head. What’s even crazier is my drive is only four minutes. So, naturally, there isn’t much “mulling over blog post or story plots” time. This afternoon’s drive was an exception….

A Review of “You Should Be Using TweetDeck” on Wired.com

Android or iPhone. Pen or Pencil. Dell or Apple. Twitter or TweetDeck. These age old “tech” questions still plague us in 2021, but who’s to say which is actually better or more useful? Today I explore Twitter vs. TweetDeck. Have a read!

Seven Sites About Pennsylvania

As this website begins its new journey under its new name, I began to wonder about who else might be out there. I began to wonder about other Pennsylvania enthusiasts and what they are interested in. And, wouldn’t you know, there are a LOT of…interesting…blog choices to sift through. There are blogs for law firms,…

Important Site Update ft. KJ Harrowick

Earlier this summer I put a commission in to fellow writer (well, she’s the published author!) to design a new site banner for this site’s rebranding. In the following weeks between real life family and work stuff, we threw out ideas, images, vectors and all things sparkly. I mean, just take a look at my…

My First 100 Reads of 2021.

Looking for something new to read? Look no further than the 100 books I’ve read so far in 2021! TL;DR – there’s more romance on this list than I thought there would be…