My Fictional Bucket List

Got any items on your fictional bucket list? I have only a few, but I think they’re good ones.

My Upcoming Reads for January 2022

I want to create a curated book collection of stories I love. Stories I didn’t feel any need to rush through just to hit my reading goal for the year.

Four Bookish Habits I Want to Change in 2022

Change doesn’t have to happen in an instant. Nor do you have to make goals only during New Year’s Eve. Change takes time, and these are four bookish habits I’d like to change within myself in 2022.

A Reasonable Reading Goal for 2022

You have a job (or two or three)? Check. You have a family or other responsibilities? Check. You have bills to pay, things to move, things to do? Check. You’re an editor, or working on your own book, or reading manuscripts for a publisher? Check. Does this time of the year stress you out with…

Wrapping Up 2021

Before we dive into this post, I must take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for showing my blog so much love in 2021. It shows you not only like the content – both old and new – but you also want to see what comes next. I, for one, can’t wait to…

A Writer’s Overhaul for 2022

Tired of seeing the words “goals” or “resolutions” this time of year? No matter their form, let’s try and take a different approach with them for 2022!

The No Buy Challenge

Make this the year of homemade gifts and cards (and only use supplies you already own). You could even offer your time as a gift instead of spending money. Babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting, helping with a home or business tasks are all ways you can gift your time. ~source Well, hey there! If you…